Thanks for visiting my site. Please sign my guestbook and leave comments to let me know what you think.
9/6/2009 08:26:55 am

I love the changes you have made to the site. Your work is amazing. Even better in person!! I love you!

Michael Lichtl
9/6/2009 08:41:17 am

WOW!! hi yea i am very impressed with your work. To say in the least, your guitars are amazing! and thank you for sharing this art.

Jeanie West
9/6/2009 08:51:56 am


JoAnn Mullins
9/6/2009 08:56:04 am

Beautiful works of art! You are very talented.

geral g. sinclair
9/6/2009 09:49:46 am

You surely do fine work....I will look forward to seeing them in person on one of Oscar's birthdays .....

Keep up the good work....


9/6/2009 10:48:27 am

Your guitars are fantastic Craig! I've never seen a more beautiful one than the ones you make!

9/6/2009 11:52:32 am

Your guitars are so beautiful. You can really see the love you have for this art by all of the little details you put into it. Thanks for sharing your talent and keep up the good work!!!

Lonetta Witt
9/7/2009 11:39:11 pm

Your guitars are truly beautiful and show great dedication. I really enjoyed viewing them on your website. Keep up the good work and keep working with Oscar.

9/8/2009 07:17:52 am

You do great work. Keep after Oscar so he can play with you. We are so proud of him and you.

Jane Lovejoy
9/17/2009 10:37:50 pm

I have listened to you all the way on your journey of Luthiery, from the beginning of setting up your shop to now and I am amazed at all the talent you have. Your guitars are beautiful and you have found your nitch in life. Don't ever get discouraged, maybe just frustrated, but keep creating beautiful work and it will reward you in the end. You now have a legacy to pass on from generation to generation. I support you all the way.

9/30/2009 11:41:03 pm

The guitars are beautiful. keep up the
beautiful work. I would like to see your
shop. Your work is amazing.

Debbie Krasyk
10/4/2009 12:59:15 am

Your work is truly amazing!! I can see all the love and dedication you put into building your guitars.Never give up your dream!

10/19/2009 01:22:58 am

Your work is absolutely amazing. I promise one day that I will get to St Albans so we can catch up.

Jill McCown
10/21/2009 11:49:24 pm

CRAIG!!!! I love all of them. This website is awesome and make sure you keep it updated so I can see al the new ones. I love love love Collins.

Candice is right though, they look even better in person. Congrats!

10/23/2009 03:15:15 pm

Lookin good Craig. Looking foreward to seeing some with the Lutz tops.

10/28/2009 06:59:01 am

looks great craig

12/11/2009 10:48:17 pm

thanks to you my friend a good Dad and a good person god bless you man

Jeremy Browning
1/8/2010 02:01:08 am

Hello from AZ. You build some very beautiful pieces. My uncle Tim Browning send me your link.

Don Barnette
1/14/2010 09:30:49 am

You do beautiful things. You are blessed with a talent.

1/15/2010 06:33:02 am

this is the first time I have written on your guest book. You know how Dad and I feel about your work. We are proud of you and your work. Love you

1/16/2010 01:26:06 pm

Awesome Craig! You should do one with a CSA monogram LOL. Wish I could buy one but right now kinda tight, but I know where to come when I'm ready. You're an artist dude!

1/16/2010 07:13:38 pm

Craig: I grew up in Beckley, WV four years behind your parents. As a youngster, I learned to play a guitar and passed some time with local Country & Western bands during my high school years.

Your Mom told me about your site and I enjoyed my visit with you very much. You have great talent.

2/23/2010 12:47:40 am

Hello Craig!..

Your guitars look amazing!. I'd love to hear one in person some day.. It's wonderful to see what you can do with these parts I sell!... Cheers and congratulations!


2/27/2010 10:12:39 pm

Craig, your guitars look beautiful! I want to stop by your shop someday and hear one! Jeff

Debbie Stuter
3/18/2010 08:50:56 am

Absolutely gorgeous! I will pass the word......

6/23/2010 02:30:51 pm

That's some awesome craftsmanship you put into those guitars! You are very gifted, and I'm quite impressed with your skill and creativity.

8/2/2010 10:28:12 am

Your guitars are beautiful. I greatly admire the time & craft that go into them. Thank you for keeping a beautiful artwork & talent here in the mountain state. Keep up the good work!

Tim Browning
8/3/2010 06:42:27 am

Had to come and check out #9. Still amazes me how far you have come. Thanks for doing the setup for me on my instruments. I had a great time at your shop and need to get back again.

matt lindsey
8/6/2010 01:16:11 pm


I enjoyed looking at your wonderful guitars. I'm sure they sound great as well. I'm not too far from you so hopefully some day soon I can come over and play one.

Robert MacMillan
8/17/2010 12:41:48 am

This site makes it really easy to follow your development as a luthier. While they all look nice, each successive guitar displays a little more sophistication in line and finish. Number nine is just plain fantastic. I especially like the last shot of the neck detail.

Great stuff, Craig!

Billie Ruth Long Hair
9/14/2010 10:28:56 pm

We have some wonderful talent in our family. You have a very special one. Don't turn from your talents.
Love, Billie Ruth

Teresa Wiersteiner Ansell
9/14/2010 11:46:13 pm

Craig, I am so impressed with your talent and your workshop. I believe that music makes the world a better place. Your contribution to making our world more beautiful through your craftmanship and music is to be commended. Love you, Teresa

9/15/2010 01:22:41 am

Years long long ago my Mailman's name was Dale Crouser & he made Guitars & other string things like Banjo's. One he sold to Roy Clark. He also loved to repair them & make improvements. I juess for the love of proper sounds & so poor people could have 1 to play. He was very GOOD also. He made a Dulcimer or also. Last I saw him he lived in So. Chas. He fixed or repaired a few string things for my son. I can't play a bit but always wanted to. I bought my son his first 1 when he was in the fifth grade, after collage he moved to Nashville & did sound & so on from there. I bought a youth Yamaha for my grandson a short time back wich he had a electric 1 all ready from his uncle, my son. I'am thinking when he trys to play it the strings may be a little to high. Dale used to do somme things for the little guys, he is 4 1/2 yrs. & love them both. can't do much yet. O well did U know Dale? LOVE your work or lifes LOVE wich ever4 it is. I have no tallent at all. Be carefull, I think Dale may have died of a lung problem from grinding mother on pearl, not sure. Too many yrs. back. BEAUTIFULL WORK !

John Brasher
3/14/2014 12:13:09 pm

Hi Sonny,

This is coming a long time after your post, so I hope you get it. I have a fabulous 6-string guitar made by Dale, with eye-popping inlay. I have always wanted to find more information about him. Any suggestions on where to start?

3/15/2014 12:00:13 am

Contact a guy named Teddy Workman in Pinch WV. Teddy was a good friend of his and I believe learned the guitar building trade from him

9/15/2010 02:26:58 am

Tom Mallory
9/16/2010 10:16:29 am


Some absolutely beautiful guitars. I look forward to coming to the shop sometime and taking a look around. Keep up the good work!

10/7/2010 05:52:14 am

Craig this is a fantastic endeavor...I'm impressed!

Garry Stanley
1/12/2011 01:50:55 am

Awesume site, Craig,we just met recently at Fret&Fiddle the other day,I will be contacting you soon on a repair on a ole Gibson flattop of mine.take care my friend.

Rob Estep
1/12/2011 11:15:51 pm


Sam Zirkle
2/11/2011 11:11:51 am

Hi! Craig, I hope all is going well and you are gettiing some use out of the wood from my farther-in-law's wook shop. His dreams were to make fiddles from that wood but, I'm sure he would not mind at all if you were to turn it into a great looking guitar. Remember if you make a guitar from that piece of maple I would like to see it, I know it should make a good looking neck. I just hope you didn't have to fight Roger for it. Good luck with the "Tommy Hillfiger" E-mail when you get the chance. Thanks, Sam Zirkle
P.S. send some pic's of the TH if that is OK with you or just let me know when it is complete and I can come by and see your shop.

Larry Stevens
5/17/2011 10:48:14 am

Yo Craigh, email me direct up here in Michigan.

6/1/2011 06:21:28 am

Hi Craig, stumbled onto your website by chance. Great stuff! Hope to one day play one of yours.



Warren Brenan
7/20/2011 06:03:40 am

Great work Craig. Nice shop too. Will talk to you soon. Keep up the good work and God bless !!

Martin Hallett
10/17/2011 11:00:33 am

Hi Craig,
I enjoyed talking guitars and wood while we listened to Matt and Bryan at Taylor Books. Your work looks beautiful. I would like to hear one of your guitars one day.
Thanks for what you are doing.

Steve Criner
5/14/2012 12:57:53 pm

Thank you for letting me play your incredible guitar @ RobinFest
This was one of the most outstanding guitars I have ever played...Keep up the great work..I hope to own one in the near future.

Tim Holmes
8/4/2012 04:49:17 am

Craig, nicw to meet you at FretnFiddle the other day. I did not realize we had such a good guitar builder right in our own backyard so to speak. Your craftsmanship is awesome. I especially love the guitar you built for Maranatha, being a Christian and Gospel performer. Keep up the good work. One day maybe I can own one of your masterpieces. God Bless.

10/3/2012 06:50:38 pm

as a musician and educator, I appreciate you trying to do our best turkey you wish success to the extent that opportunities do present my respects

2/26/2013 02:31:13 am

When i meet Craig i was impressed from his passion and from the beauty of his guitars...He let me check one of his instruments and after i play a few notes i asked him to make me a "custom" guitar.
He is a great luthier as a great person!
Thank you Craig,proud to perform playing your guitar.

Daniel Dawson
4/23/2013 02:31:18 am

Keep up the good work! Master Luthier would be proud!

Len Jaffe
6/10/2013 11:19:27 pm

I just saw a picture of a friend of mine, Jim Snyder, playing Dick Patton's guitar. Which one is that? What's the model number? I tried to look it up on your website, but I didn't see it. You do nice work!

2/11/2014 10:54:11 am

Great work, great pieces..

7/7/2014 12:19:32 am

Regarding the conversation on luthier Dale Crouser (1939-2000), I am Dale's brother and observed his entire career from obtaining his first ukulele which he eventually took apart to see how it worked to the final disposition of his instruments and tools. I welcome any inquiries to

Here are some details. He worked in his later years from his home in South Charleston's Weberwood section, however, he started at his home on Charleston's west side and before that, at our boyhood home on Dutch Road in the Mink Shoals section of Charleston.

His widow, Gwendolyn Crouser, still lives in Charleston as I do. They had no children.

Dale graduated from Charleston High School (1958) and West Virginia Wesleyan College (1962) with a degree in psychology.

For what it's worth, Dale won the State Science Fair as a senior in high school with his detailed mechanical drawing of the steam engine that once resided at Coonskin park and was later moved to St. Albans.

He also won the West Virginia Juried Art Exhibit with his entry of a matched set of three instruments: a five-string guitar, a twelve-string and a banjo. Importantly, his work was recognized for it's ART value in this competition.

Dale spent all but the very first part of his adult career working for the State of West Virginia. He spent most of his career as a research assistant in the Research Department of the Department of Highways.

Dale never was a coal miner or mailman. Dale did pass of cancer which originated as lung cancer but it probably had much more to do for his affinity for Pall Mall's than any grinding of Mother of Pearl.

I hope this information is helpful to any who are interested in his career. Again, I welcome any inquiries. Thank you. Tom Crouser

9/25/2015 03:52:51 am

As a guitarist and guitar educator, I appreciate you trying to do our best Turkey you wish success to the extent that opportunities do present my respects.

Thank you.

9/25/2015 03:57:36 am

Beautiful works of art! You are very talented.

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1/22/2017 11:24:36 am

Beautiful work. Curious about pricing and lead time on a mahogany/spruce dread. Thanks!


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